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External Funding - Post Graduate Research Studentships

Post graduate studentships can be funded from various sources of external funding.  The most common sources are:

  • Research Council studentships and Doctoral Training Grants.  These are managed and processed by Management Accounts (Finance Office)

  • Case (Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering) studentships.  This usually contain an industrial funded element, the contract for which is negotiated by Enterprise and Business Development (EBD).  Additionally, there will be a Research Council funded element which would be dealt with through the Finance Office.
  • Research project funded studentships.  These are dealt with through the Research Support Office. The project will usually contain a specific budget heading for student stipend and/or fees.

Any industrial funded studentship would normally require the negotiation of a Studentship Agreement between the Company and the University (to regulate intellectual property, confidentiality and publications).  This would be completed through EBD.

How to appoint a Project Funded Student

All requests to appoint a named student to a funded studentship are now captured on Form3 and Form 2 irrespective of the funding source.  Forms 2 and 3 can be downloaded from the Finance Office website forms page in the Management Accounting section.  Complete and return to the appropriate officer as directed on the form itself.


Because of the complexities of various external funding sources for post graduate studentships, it is important that your requests to appoint a student are captured as early in the process as possible. 

For project funded studentships Form 3 can be completed in advance of the project account being set-up.  If industrial contracts are still in the process of being negotiated, you should supply a DDF code to which student stipends can be temporarily charged/underwritten.  Otherwise, payment to the student may be delayed.

Payments to Project Funded Students

With effect from 1 October 2010, all project funded students will be paid in advance on a monthly basis.  This is arranged by Research Finance.

The preferred method of payment is Bacs, bank details and information on payment are issued with the student agreement. 

Payment can also be made by cheque if requested.  Cheques must be collected from the Cashiers Office in the Finance Office and are made available from the first working day of the month. 

Before any payment can be made, the student must complete their student registration, and must sign an agreement regarding the conditions of advance payment. The conditions of Advanced Stipend Payment will be issued on receipt of a signed Form 3 from the Department.



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