Project Budget Control

Day-to-day project management of budgets and deliverables are the responsibility of the Department/PI.  Please ensure you are familiar with the section on Responsibilities. 

Project Detail Notification

Once your award has been formally announced (refer to checklist), then Research Finance will enable the project account for recording of actual expenditure.  To signal this completion, Research Finance will send the PI and the Departmental Administrator a Project Detail Notification (PDN).

The PDN will identify budgets for Directly Incurred Expenditure, Directly Allocated costs and Indirects.  Generally, only the Directly Incurred Expenditure will be at the discretion of the PI and Department to spend.  Directly Allocated and Indirect Budgets are set at the outset of the project and are unalterable.

It will also identify how much overhead is funded on the project and what portion of this will return to the Department and College. 

At the bottom of the PDN, you will be given the contact of the Research Finance Officer whom you should contact should you have any queries.

Project Kick-Off Meetings

For more complex grant budgets, we would encourage a project kick-off meeting with Research Finance to explore the optimal budget set-up for budgetary control, and any special grant administration required.  Please look up the appropriate Post Award Finance Officer for your department and contact them if you wish to arrange this.

SAP Reports

There are a number of Project financial reports available on the University’s financial system, SAP and you should discuss your requirements first with your Departmental Administrator who will be able to produce regular reports for you.  Alternatively PI’s can directly access these reports themselves. 

Available Project Reports are grouped into the following categories:

  • Budgetary Control Reports
    • To report on Budgets, Actuals, Commitments and Variances against Budgets.  Detailed expenditure can be summarised into broader headings such as Staff, Travel, Equipment etc
  • Master Data Reports
    • To report on award values by grant or by applicant and co-applicant (using attributed portions of grant values) for a complete Department or College
  • On-line Grant Enquiry
    • For enquiry on a single grant, current status (application or award) and progress through approval stages

If you are an experienced SAP user, you can download this word document (20.2kb) on SAP paths and functions of various core project reports.  If you require SAP training in the use of these reports, please contact Research Finance, or look out for available training events on SAP project reporting.


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