How to find funding

Funding bodies range from Research Councils, European and UK Government and major charities to smaller, more specialist organisations. General and specific information on some of the major funding bodies can be accessed via the links at the bottom of this page and you can register for email updates with relevant funding bodies via their websites.

The University has subscriptions to one general database and a specialist EU funding database; links to both are below. The general database covers funding opportunities from around the world.

University members can use these to carry out ad hoc searches from any University computer at any time. It is possible to search the databases from elsewhere (e.g. home computer), to save searches, to run regularly or set up an email alert to send opportunities to you automatically.  However, to do so, you will need to set up a personal account from a University computer.  There is a quick printable guide (pdf) to using these systems.



Funding Opportunities Databases:  Funding Organisations:
 UKRO for EU Funding  Research Councils
 ResearchResearch  EU Funding 
   Other Major Funders



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