Employing People on European Projects

How to employ staff and students on your European project

Employing people on European projects follows the same path as UK funding bodies (see our Employing Staff on Projects), with the following exceptions:

  • You may advertise vacancies before the Grant Agreement (GA) has been signed (once the Grant Preparation Forms have been signed), but you cannot appoint anyone until the GA has been signed by all parties.
  • Staff costs are only eligible for the duration of the project. No costs can be claimed before the start date or after the end date, except in the case of management costs (usually only attributed to the Coordinator). You can charge costs associated with writing the final report for up to 60 days after the project end date.
  • Timesheets are required for all staff whose time is charged to the project who are not employed full time.
  • All staff costs are eligible.
  • If the project is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action, the fellows appointed on it will nearly always need to have a signed 'Host Agreement' with the University. Please contact the Research Support Office to have this agreement drawn up.

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