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The first consideration when applying for Research Facilities (also known as access charges) should be whether or not the cost is eligible.

In the case of most charities access charges are eligible but the funding body's terms and conditions should be checked. Researchers are encouraged to use the excellent facilities available at the University.

Eligibility of access charges for research councils and other government funded agencies, is a little more complicated. Research Council costs are calculated on a Full Economic Cost basis. Under the rules of full economic costs the University calculates a rate for Estates which is charged on most applications. The calculation of this rate takes into account the cost of buildings and the maintenance of the equipment within these buildings. For this reason many access charges and equipment maintenance charges are not allowable costs on Research Council applications as they would be double counted within the estates charge. However some items of equipment and facilities have been removed from the Estates calculation and can be charged to projects. Current Facilities that can be charged for Research Councils are :-

Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry Laboratory (PNACL)

Biomedical Services

Catagory 3 Containment Facility

Confocal Microscope in Biology

Advanced Imaging Facilities (collection of 11 Microscopes within the College of Medicine, Biological Studies and Psychology)

BD FACS Canto II Cytometer



Research Councils will bounce back applications containing access charges and question if they are legitimate.


Find Out More about Facilities at University of Leicester

There are more facilities available than the ones listed above, many of which can be charged on non FEC applications. The College of Medicine, Biological Studies and Psychology have grouped their facilities and they are controlled by The Centre for Core Biological Services (CBS).

If you are unsure whether or not a facility can be charged against the application you are making please contact the member of the preaward team responsible for your department

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