Costing your European Project

How to cost your project

All applications must be costed through the University's Lucre system, to ensure that the project is viable. These costings will be in pounds sterling (£) and then converted to euros (€). Your departmental research contact can help you with this costing. Alternatively, you may contact the Research Support Office.

Once the costing has been completed, a Project Approval Form (PAF) will be generated which should be sent to the Research Support Office to be approved.

Please note that separate PAFs will be required for each costing where different reimbursement rates apply to the same project.

When costing your application, please ensure that you include all costs involved with the project, including:

  • Permanent staff time;
  • Travel costs for any meetings with partners on collaborative projects; and/or
  • The cost of audit certificates (if applicable, see below).

Audit Certificates

For all Horizon 2020 projects, an audit will be required if direct costs are above €325,000 (EUR). This audit will take place at the end of the project.

The cost of the audit can be recouped from the grant. This should be budgeted as follows:

Size of grant (EUR)Cost of audit (GBP)
€325,000 - €750,000 £2000
€750,000 - €1,500,000 £4000
Over €1,500,000 £6000

Please check the relevant Guide for Applicants for information about the audit requirements of non-Horizon 2020 projects.

If you need any advice or assistance with your costing, please contact the EU Team in the Research Support Office.

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