Cost - How to cost your application

These pages explain the terminology and processes involved in costing out a research application and offer some guidance and tips to help you with your costing.

Costings for grant applications should be submitted to Research Support Services at least one week in advance of the funder’s submission deadline.  The final electronic grant application should be submitted at least one day in advance of the deadline, preferably two.  Further details of RSS requirements are given here.

Page Name Summary
Full Economic Costing A summary of the meaning of FEC and some of the terminology employed in the costing method
Costing your Project Some advice on various types of cost and what to be aware of
Lucre Information on the University's costing package
Costing Your European Project (European Commission) Guidance specifically for researchers costing EU projects
Research Facilities Information of Facilities and their eligibility on applications
Budgeting for Funding in Foreign Currency (Non-EC)

Information on what currancy exchange rates to apply on applications and purchasing for Non EC funders

Equipment Infrastructure Fund How to apply for central equipment funding.

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