Final Project Reports

The project funding body will normally require a final report.  This is often both a scientific report on the outputs of the project and a financial report to explain how the funds were spent.

Scientific Reports

Responsibility for Scientific Reports

Responsibility for submission of scientific reports lies with the investigator. We wish to make you aware here of the penalties that can be imposed for late submission of reports.  There is a strict 20% penalty imposed by Research Councils (see below).  Other funding bodies also impose deadlines, and failure to meet these may result in reduced payments, or withholding of the final instalment.  Any cost arising from late submission of a scientific report will be borne by the academic department.

Research Councils Reports

There is a strict penalty of 20% for late reports to Research Councils. This applies equally to the financial statements and the scientific reports. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION to this rule. One day beyond the due date will automatically invoke the penalty. It is therefore the practice of the Research Support Office (RSO) to circulate to the PI's and Department Administrators THREE reminders in respect of Research Council grants of impending finish dates. The first of these reminders is sent 3 months prior to the close date.

If you think you cannot make the deadline, you must address this IMMEDIATELY with the Research Council three months PRIOR to the end date and seek a time extension. Please note we will need formal confirmation from the funding body of any extension.

Electronic Submission of Individual Grant Reports (IGRs)

Principal Investigators are now able to submit their Individual Grant Reports (IGRs) electronically to most Research Councils via the JeS system, but please be aware that the same deadlines and penalties apply as with all Research Council final reports. 

Upon electronic submission, the Principal Investigator should receive email confirmation from the Council that it has been forwarded to the University Administration.  Research Finance will then forward this report to the Council on your behalf.  Therefore, it is advised not to leave submission until the final deadline date.  If you do, then please contact the Research Finance office before 4pm to ensure someone is available to route the report through to the Council.  Late submission of the IGR will mean that the Research Council will retain 20% of the total grant value, a penalty which will be borne by the academic department.

If you have not received the final email from the Research Council by the deadline, please contact RSO URGENTLY in order that any problems can be addressed and any penalties avoided.


Financial Reports

Project Financial Statements are prepared and reconciled by Research Finance, although we may need the Investigator's support in analysing costs into special project specific headings.  We are happy to work with you to ensure full recovery of expenditure.  If you need to discuss progress of the financial statement and are unsure who to contact, please find the Project Finance Officer for your department. 

This is the standard process followed for completion of final statements:

  1. The PI and the Departmental Administrator will be sent a full transaction listing at the end of the grant.
  2. You will be asked to confirm that all costs have been recorded to the project, and that these costs are eligible.  Failure to include all costs may result in an underclaim.
  3. We will not be able to include expenditure incurred outside of the awarded period, unless the funding body specifically allows otherwise.
  4. We may need your further assistance if the funding body requires further information such as the purpose of travel, or special analysis of costs.
  5. Note - many funding bodies do not expect purchase of equipment late in the grant period, as clearly the project would not benefit from this purchase.  Therefore these costs may be disallowed. 
  6. The final expenditure statement will be prepared and we will send you a copy.
  7. Once the Department and Research Finance are satisfied that the correct funding is being claimed, Research Finance will forward the final statement to the funding body.


If you received any correspondence from the funding body regarding financial statements, please forward this immediately to Research Finance.  Likewise, contact us as soon as you are aware of any difficulties or peculiarities that might arise in the preparation of a claim. This will allow more time to resolve any issues. There may well be penalties associated with the late submission of financial statements. We therefore appreciate your every assistance in compiling this information.

For special notes on claims and submissions for European Commission funded projects please visit our page on Closing a European Project.


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