Integrity in research

A summary of what is meant by research integrity and links to further guidance about specific integrity policy and procedures

Conducting research with integrity means doing research in a way which allows others to have trust and confidence in your methods, your findings and any publications based on your research.

Within the University, conducting research with integrity also means meeting the professional standards expected of our researchers. These are built on five core elements: freedom of inquiry; honesty; rigour; transparency and open communication; and care and respect.

The reputation of the University as an elite, research-intensive institution is built on the consistently high-quality research conducted by our staff and students. In order for us to maintain that reputation, it is important that everyone involved in doing research continues to meet high standards of rigour and integrity.

Research Code of Conduct

The University’s commitment to integrity in our research is affirmed in the Research Code of Conduct. In addition, the Code sets out the professional standards that the University expects of researchers, provides guidance for researchers on good research conduct and issues relating to integrity.

We expect everyone involved in research at the University to familiarise themselves with the Code and to apply its standards to their research. The Code is available online and in PDF format.

The Research Code of Conduct revised by the Research Integrity Working Group and an updated version was approved by Senate in November 2014. The previous version was approved in July 2011.

Other policies and procedures

The University has a variety of other policies and procedures which are relevant to researchers, dealing with subjects such as research ethics, data protection, consultancy, intellectual property and misconduct. Visit our Policies, Procedures and Codes of Conduct page for further information about specific policies which apply to researchers and links to the relevant documents.

Reporting misconduct in research

The University is committed to supporting a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrity. However, sometimes things go wrong, and individuals act in a way that does not meet the proper standards of integrity.

This may result from honest errors on the part of researchers, but occasionally results from deliberate acts or omissions by researchers. In either case, it is vitally important that researchers inform the University when they suspect that colleagues are involved in misconduct so that we can take steps to address issues.

The University aims to ensure that anyone who makes allegations in good faith will not face negative repercussions for doing so. Please visit our page on reporting misconduct in research for more information, including the procedures for making allegations of misconduct.

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