Research Code of Conduct

The University’s commitment to integrity in our research is affirmed in the Research Code of Conduct. In addition, the Code sets out the professional standards that the University expects of researchers, provides guidance for researchers on good research conduct and issues relating to integrity.

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The full code is available both as a web version or as a downloadable PDF document. Follow the links below to navigate the web version:


1. Introduction Preamble, Definitions.
2. Principles The concordat to support research integrity, Guiding values and principles, Observance of the Code, Breach of the Code, Advice and training, External Codes.
3. Before Starting Research Applying for funding and support, Ethics approval procedures, Research governance and sponsorship, Other approvals, Conflict of interest, Working with external individuals and organisations, Preparations for research data collection, Arrangements for research supervision.
4. During Research Intellectual property, Managing research data, Use of personal data, Freedom of Information and Data Protection requests, Use of research funds, Responsibilities of supervisors.
5. After Research Publishing research outputs, Authorship and acknowledgement, Open access to research outputs, Open access to research data, Retaining records and research data, Acting as a peer reviewer, Reviewing manuscripts.
6. Research Misconduct Misconduct policy, Types of misconduct, Reporting misconduct, Notification of misconduct, Investigation of misconduct, Penalties for misconduct in research.


Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Research Code of Conduct (June 2016) (PDF)

Executive Summary

A brief executive summary version of the Code has also been produced in order to allow researchers to quickly familiarise themselves with the Code's provisions. The full version of the Code should however be referred to for the definitive version.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) RCOC - Executive Summary (PDF July 2016)


The Research Code of Conduct was first published in July 2011. The most recent version was approved by Senate and published in June 2016 after review by the Research Ethics and Integrity Training Group.

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