6.6 Penalties for misconduct in research

Actions that may be taken by the University if misconduct in research is found after an investigation
  1. If research misconduct is found following the completion of an investigation, supplemental penalties may be agreed in addition to any disciplinary or legal procedures. These may include:
    1. Retraction or correction of articles in published materials; Withdrawal or repayment of research funding;
    2. Notification to regulatory bodies and/or professional bodies, in particular if concerns relate to Fitness to Practise;
    3. Notification to other employing institutions or organisations;
    4. Notification to other organisations involved in research including research funders;
    5. Notification to research participants, patients or their doctors;
    6. Review of internal management and or training and supervisory arrangements;
    7. The making of any public statement necessary to protect the good name and reputation of the University;
    8. Any actions necessary to safeguard research participants, patients and any other involved parties;
    9. Addressing and remedying any research misconduct that may have taken place;
    10. Reporting on any procedural or organisational issues which should be reviewed by the institution; and/or
    11. Remedial training, mentoring and monitoring when the person(s) involved continue to work or study at the University.
  2. The University reserves the right to report proven allegations of research misconduct against its staff, honorary and emeritus staff, former staff and current and former registered students to potential, new and subsequent employers. Where employees or students of another institution are involved in a collaborative research project with the University and are implicated in a University finding of serious research misconduct, the University reserves the right to notify the home institution of those involved.

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