6.5 Investigation of misconduct

Guidelines on international collaborative projects, supervision during investigations and noncompliance with investigations.
  1. Where an investigation involves an international collaborative project, the non-contractual OECD code Investigating Research Misconduct Allegations in International Collaborative Research Projects (PDF, 1MB) will be used as a guide, where agreed with the member of staff under investigation.
  2. Without prejudice to the presumption of innocence, the Chair of the Research Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee (in consultation with HR) will consider whether it would be appropriate to appoint a replacement supervisor for any researchers or other staff linked to an investigation, for the duration of any investigation, in order to protect their interests and that of the member(s) of staff under investigation.
  3. Should the complainant, respondent or any key witnesses refuse to co-operate with an investigation, or leave the University during an investigation, the University will be responsible for deciding whether to continue with or terminate the investigation, taking into account the specific details of the case.
  4. If during the investigation of a complaint, evidence of misconduct in research is found distinct from that forming the basis of the initial investigation, the University will be responsible for deciding whether or not to investigate further, either as part of the initial investigation or as a separate investigation.

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