6.4 Notification of misconduct in research

Notification of external bodies of allegations
  1. The Research Councils UK Policy and Code of Conduct on the Governance of Good Research Conduct states that, once a formal investigation begins:
    Where an investigation is about someone funded by or engaged with RCUK (including acting as a supervisor for an RCUK postgraduate student or engaged with peer review activities), even if it is about work not connected with a grant from a UK Research Council, the case is reported to the relevant Council at this stage; the Councils reserve the right to take appropriate action about any duties being performed for RCUK.” (p.8)
    The University will comply with these requirements and notify RCUK of any allegations of misconduct which have proceeded to formal investigation.
  2. The University will also comply with the regulations of any other research funder, professional association or similar body in the reporting of investigations or proven allegations of research misconduct.

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