6.1 Misconduct policy

Statement of general principles regarding misconduct in research
  1. The University considers misconduct in research to be completely unacceptable. All researchers must adhere to the principles of good practice outlined in this Code, in addition to any additional requirements placed upon them by legislation, professional bodies or other organisations. These additional requirements include, for example, those relating to clinical projects requiring research sponsorship.
  2. Alleged research misconduct by University staff will be dealt with according to Ordinance 23 (Discipline) and its associated Policy and Procedure.
  3. Cases of alleged misconduct involving registered students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) will be dealt with according to the procedures laid out in the relevant student regulations.
  4. When a researcher is both a student and an employee (e.g. a graduate teaching assistant, an undergraduate doing hourly paid work via Unitemps, or a member of staff taking a part-time undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research degree), the route by which misconduct will be investigated will normally be determined by whether the alleged misconduct took place during staff or student duties.
  5. Misconduct in research includes acts of omission as well as acts of commission.
  6. Allegations of misconduct in research will be judged by the standards which prevail in the country in question at the date that the behaviour under investigation took place.

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