5.7 Reviewing manuscripts and other confidential information

Specific guidelines for the review of confidential documents
  1. The provisions in section 5.6, Acting as a peer reviewer, on peer review of grant proposals apply equally to the review of manuscripts for publication and all other forms of confidential information received (for example, in respect to patents, technical or commercial reports, etc.). The term ‘manuscript’ used in this section refers to all and any such forms of confidential information.
  2. Reviewers of manuscripts must adhere to the guidelines of the publisher/originating body, and must treat manuscripts in the strictest confidence even when the requirement is not explicit in the publisher’s/originator’s guidelines.
  3. Where sight of a manuscript is likely to lead to a conflict of interest because it contains information and/or conclusions which are similar to those being brought to press (in a journal, book, patent or any other form of output) by the reviewer, whether collaboratively or otherwise, the manuscript must not be reviewed and must be returned to the publisher/originator immediately.
  4. This section also applies to internal reviewing of draft outputs for colleagues and any assessment of outputs for the Research Excellence Framework or similar exercises.

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