5.4 Providing open access to research data

Guidelines on making research data accessible
  1. Researchers should make publicly funded research data openly available, with as few restrictions as possible, in a timely and responsible manner that does not harm intellectual property or research participants, in line with the policies of any research funder.
  2. Research data related to publications should be made available for consultation by researchers outside the group which conducted the initial research, except where confidentiality provisions prevail.
  3. For all NHS-related research, researchers are encouraged to deposit suitably formatted data in a publicly accessible database: this is mandatory for all clinical trials involving an investigational medicinal product (drug studies).
  4. Where required by a publisher or funding body, you must deposit your research data in an external subject-specific repository in an appropriate form.
  5. Confidentiality provisions may apply in circumstances where the University or the researcher has made or given confidentiality undertakings to third parties or confidentiality is required to protect intellectual property rights. You must be aware whether confidentiality provisions apply and, if you are the PI, ensure that all other researchers on the project are aware of these obligations. Advice on confidentiality agreements with potential commercial or industrial exploitation partners to protect intellectual property rights, including any embargo periods on publications, may be obtained from Research and Enterprise Division.
  6. Further information regarding the use and sharing of data is available from the UK Data Archive and UK Data Service. A list of UK and worldwide data repositories is maintained on the Registry of Research Data Repositories.

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