5.3 Providing open access to research outputs

Guidelines on open access and confidentiality for publications and research data
  1. The University has an Open Access Policy requiring free unrestricted online access to all published research outputs authored by members of the University, where allowed by agreement with the publisher. Authors must follow this policy, seeking advice from the Library where needed.
  2. Staff authors must submit the full text of their author accepted manuscript (in the case of journal articles and conference proceedings) to the Leicester Research Archive (LRA) via the Integrated Research Information System (IRIS; staff only) within 3 months from date of acceptance for publication. The bibliographic details of these and also all other publications should be included in IRIS. In some cases, the LRA may accept the final published version of a publication where this is permitted by the publisher.  Manuscripts are made publicly available from the LRA after expiry of any publisher embargo period which may apply.
  3. Authors must submit the full text of their publication to the Leicester Research Archive via the Integrated Research Information System (IRIS). IRIS and the LRA include bibliographic references for all publications. As a minimum, authors must deposit the final accepted manuscript including any changes made in response to peer review. In some cases, the LRA may accept the final published version of a publication. Release of some full text items may be subject to an embargo period.
  4. Where a publication reports the results of research which has been partly or fully funded by an external source, the authors must ensure that they comply with each research funder’s open access requirements, as stated in the research funder’s terms and conditions of funding. Open access deposit is now mandatory for work supported by many funders and for journal articles and conference proceedings that might be submitted to the Research Excellence Framework . Authors should seek advice from the Library if in any doubt.
  5. Where a research funder has provided funds to the University to cover publishers fees associated with making outputs available under open access, applications for payment of publishers fees should be made to the Library before the output is submitted for publication.
  6. Student authors should approach Leicester Research Archive staff directly for assistance on depositing publications in the archive by contacting openaccess@le.ac.uk.
  7. You can contact the Library's LRA staff directly by sending your query to openaccess@le.ac.uk or calling 2310 internally.

  8. Doctoral students are required to make a copy of their thesis available in open access form in addition to submitting a paper copy. They must deposit an electronic copy of the final thesis in the Leicester Research Archive in accordance with the instructions in the Research Student Handbook . Students should familiarise themselves with the allowances for embargo periods, as set out in the handbook, and ensure that they make any request for an embargo at the appropriate time.

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