5.2 Authorship and acknowledgment

Guidelines around who should be listed as an author in a publication
  1. Any person who is to be included as author of a publication must:
    1. Have made a substantial contribution to the research from which the publication is derived;
    2. Be familiar with the entire contents of the publication;
    3. Have participated sufficiently in the research to take public responsibility for the content of the publication; and
    4. Meet any criteria for authorship made by a publisher or editor
  2. Any person who does not meet the criteria in para 5.2.1 (above) must not be included as author.
  3. Any person who has made a contribution to the research, but who does not meet the criteria in para 5.2.1 (above) to be included as author, must be formally acknowledged in a publication based on that research. This would include students, research assistants, technical officers and individuals and organisations which have provided financial support as well as organisations providing data. Authors must obtain written permission from any persons acknowledged by name. Individuals, such as respondent or patients, may be acknowledged as a group rather than individually.
  4. Where a researcher believes that they have been unfairly denied the opportunity to be included as an author of a publication, or that they or another researcher has been incorrectly included as an author, the involved parties should first seek to reach agreement amongst themselves. If this is not possible, researchers should seek assistance from the Chair of the Research Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee.
  5. Guidance on publication and authorship is provided by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

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