4.7 Responsibilities of supervisors

Responsibilities of individuals supervising research students and junior, trainee or inexperienced research staff
  1. Supervisors must provide any researchers they are supervising with guidance on all matters of good research practice. This includes discussing, at the outset, relevant issues of intellectual property, research conduct and ethics with research students, research assistants and trainee researchers, and referring any problems or queries to the Head of Department.
  2. Supervisors must ensure that researchers:
    1. have access to annual appraisal and are encouraged to take part;
    2. have access to flexible working especially for family and caring responsibilities;
    3. have working arrangements that do not directly discriminate against groups associated with a protected characteristic nor indirectly discriminate unless it cannot be avoided and is justifiable;
    4. have access to mentoring or training organised on a College basis or centrally, and are encouraged to attend relevant opportunities;
      have access to facilitated maternity, adoption or paternity leave and Supervisors should seek permission to cover the costs from research funders or, failing that, from the University.
    5. More information on equal opportunities can be obtained from the Equalities Team.
  3. Supervisors must ensure, as far as possible, the validity of research data obtained by researchers under their supervision.
  4. Where a student is processing personal data as part of their studies, supervisors must ensure that the processing complies with the Data Protection Act and any other applicable legislation (see section 4.4, Use of personal data).
  5. Supervisors must ensure that students and other researchers under their supervision are made aware of any training provided on good conduct in research, and should encourage attendance at relevant courses, ensuring attendance at mandatory courses.
  6. The supervisors of higher degree candidates (such as those registered for MPhil, PhD, or a professional doctorate) have a particular responsibility to ensure appropriate recognition of the student’s contribution to any research on which a publication in based. An agreement, preferably written, should be reached early in the candidature between the supervisor and the student in respect of the attribution of authorship, embracing the principles of open and mutual recognition.
  7. Supervisors must also ensure that they are aware of and abide by the Senate regulations covering research degree programmes.
  8. Supervisors must ensure that ethical approval is obtained, where required, for any research undertaken by staff and undergraduate or postgraduate students working under their supervision.

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