4.6 Use of research funds

Rules and responsibilities regarding proper use of research funding
  1. If you are in receipt of research funding, you must use those funds for the purpose for which they were provided and in accordance with the conditions for accepting those funds. You must familiarise yourself and others involved with the research with those conditions in order to ensure they are not accidentally breached.
  2. If you hold research funding you must ensure that you do not, either by action or inaction, prevent the University from fulfilling its obligations to the research funder. Researchers may contact the Division of Research and Enterprise, as appropriate, at any time during or beyond the end of a research project for further information.
  3. Written consent must be obtained from the research funder when the use of funds differs from any conditions previously approved.
  4. Researchers who hold research funding must assist the University in compliance with the monitoring and audit regulations of the research funder. PIs must ensure that all researchers involved with a research project are aware of their responsibilities in this area.
  5. You must comply with all University and research funder regulations relating to the employment of staff using research funding.

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