4.4 Use of personal data

Guidelines on using sensitive information and compliance with the Data Protection Act
  1. Personal data’ consists of any information about living people who can be identified by the data or from combinations of the data and other information which the person in control of the data possesses, or is likely to possess in the future.
  2. You must ensure that any use of data within your research complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Special care must be taken with personal data, which must be processed in accordance with the applicable legislation and the University’s  Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Data Protection Code of Practice (PDF, 151KB), and must not be kept longer than is necessary for that purpose. Researchers must pay particular attention to the Data Protection Code of Practice with respect to the collection, processing, protection, retention and disposal of personal data.
  3. Researchers should, wherever practicable, use anonymised data for research. You should remove or destroy any personal identifiers from non-anonymised data received unless it is absolutely necessary to retain them for research purposes.
  4. You must contact Information Assurance Services to discuss any receiving or sharing of personal data with external bodies involved in research.

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