4.3 Managing research data

Guidelines on storing research data
  1. The University regards research data as a valuable asset. The management of research data is an integral part of good research practice that allows reliable verification of results, protects the intellectual and financial investment made in its creation, enables it to be shared, and prompts new and innovative research.
  2. You must apply the University’s Research Data Management principles in managing your research data.
  3. Research data must be recorded legibly, clearly and accurately in a suitable form, with appropriate references. A series of general and funder-based data management guides and a dedicated University website are available. NHS-related data must be recorded in line with any source data agreements and rules relating to recording of data in medical notes etc.
  4. Backup copies of electronic data should always be made and retained, and files should preferably be held in a data archive. Information that is held on central facilities managed by IT Services are regularly backed up, including all files and emails held within University IT accounts (including R:, X: and Z: drives but not local drives).
  5. Researchers should ensure that they have plans in places for appropriate short-term data storage, creation of metadata, access control, sharing, secure data transfers, data back-up and long-term curation through selection and use of long-term storage through repository and archive and the use of suitable formats, as outlined in the Research Data Management Principles.
  6. When undertaking sensitive, security or terrorism related research, researchers must ensure that they have suitable encryption and storage systems in place before research commences.
  7. You must handle all research data, associated documentation or information and communications, in whatever format, in compliance with the Information Security Policy. Guidance can be obtained from IT Services and from Information Assurance Services. Risk assessments must be carried out where appropriate.
  8. Where data are supplied by a third party, advice on contractual matters must be sought from the Procurement Unit, IT Services and Information Assurance Services in addition to any advice from Research and Enterprise Division.

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