3.8 Arrangements for supervision of research

Responsibilities regarding the supervisor appointment and acceptance
  1. Heads of Department must ensure that specific, responsible and appropriately qualified researchers are assigned to act as supervisors for each student undertaking research (including at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels), trainee researcher (such as clinical trainees) or research assistant within their academic unit.
  2. Heads of Department must monitor the number of students, research assistants and trainee researchers assigned to a particular supervisor so as to ensure effective intellectual interaction and effective oversight of the research at all times. Heads of Department must ensure that all Senate regulations concerning the number of students being supervised, and the status of the supervisor, are adhered to.
  3. Supervisors must familiarise themselves with their responsibilities as set out in this Code. Supervisors must observe all of the responsibilities set out in the Code and must not accept appointment as a Supervisor if they do not expect to be able to discharge all of these responsibilities. See section 4.7, Responsibilities of supervisors for further details.
  4. Supervisors must also ensure that they are aware of and abide by the Senate regulations covering research degree programmes.
  5. The Head of Department, or Supervisor, should provide each student undertaking research or trainee researcher or research assistant with written material on applicable government and institutional guidelines for research conduct, including this Code and other policies, codes of practice and guidelines on research integrity, ethical requirements for studies on humans and animals (where appropriate), confidentiality and occupational health and safety.
  6. Recruitment of researchers must be carried out in accordance with the University’s equal opportunity policy and recognised recruitment processes for staff or students, as appropriate.

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