3.7 Preparations for research data collection

Initial considerations for dealing with data which generated from and used in research
  1. Many research funders require a data management plan as part of any application. You must include, at an early stage in the design of your project, consideration of how data will be gathered, analysed, managed and archived, including how and in what form data will eventually be made available to others.
  2. You must ensure that you make appropriate preparations for the security of your research data, paying particular attention to any confidential or personal information that will be obtained (in either physical or electronic format) during the course of your research, and who will require access to it.
  3. IT Services, Information Assurance Services or, in relation to NHS and patient data, the Research Governance Manager can provide advice on information and data security, including the backup of research data and encryption of sensitive or confidential information, including security or terrorism related data.
  4. More information on research data management can be found in sections 4.2, Managing research data and 5.3, Providing open access to research outputs. You should also consult the Data Management guidance on the website.

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