3.4 Other approvals

Information regarding non-ethics approvals required for research
  1. Researchers should be aware that other aspects of a research project may also require approval or documentation before research commences. Examples include working with biological agents, potentially hazardous chemicals, controlled drugs, chemical weapon precursors, radiation or genetically modified organisms as well as health and safety, data security and information governance considerations. Researchers must ensure that all relevant procedures are completed prior to starting. Advice may be sought from the Safety Services Office, Information Assurance Services or IT Services, as appropriate.
  2. Additional regulations from the Home Office govern the use of animals in research and all such research must be licensed before research commences. Further information may be found in the University's Policy Statement on Research Involving the Use of Animals.
  3. Where research involves sensitive, security or terrorism-related material, researchers must ensure that all procedures set out in the University’s Policy on Researching and Handling Sensitive, Extreme or Radical Material have been followed and appropriate permissions obtained.

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