3.1 Applying for funding and support

Requirements on researchers making applications for research funding
  1. When you are applying for research funding or support of any kind (including grants, fellowships or studentships) you must ensure that the information you provide in any application is clear and accurate.
  2. If you apply for research funding or support of any kind, you must not seek to identify or approach the assessors of your application. If you are requested to nominate assessors as part of the application process, you may approach them to seek their permission to nominate them.
  3. When applying for research funding, you must make sure that you are familiar with the research funder's terms and conditions for applications and awards and ensure that you abide by these at all times.
  4. When applying for research funding you must comply with the University policies and regulations. You must also  report to your Departmental Ethics Officer or Ethics Sub-Committee member any application which may give rise to a conflict of interest . More information on conflict of interest can be found in section 3.5, Conflict of interest.
  5. Any researcher who is a signatory on an application for research funding or support of any kind must share responsibility for ensuring that the information submitted is clear and accurate, and will be held jointly responsible for and will be held jointly responsible for any plagiarism (including self-plagiarism – See 6.2.4), fabrication, falsification or misrepresentation.
  6. Where an application involves collaborative working with individuals and organisations outside the University, applicant Researchers must ensure the collaborator’s costs and any letters of support or agreements are appropriately included in the application. More information can be found in section 3.6, Working with individuals and organisations outside the University.
  7. When considering whether to apply for philanthropic funding you must seek advice in the first instance from the Development and Alumni Relations Office.  The  Guidance Note on the Definition of Philanthropic Donations and worked examples provides assistance for staff involved in planning approaches or bids for philanthropic support.
  8. The University has an obligation to conduct its fundraising, research and enterprise funding operations and relationships in an ethical manner, and to ensure that due diligence is observed when assessing whether or not to proceed with a funding application, or to accept an unsolicited philanthropic donation or research funding, or to establish specific philanthropic relationships or contracts.
  9. The University’s Ethical Policy and Guidelines for the Acceptance and Refusal of Donations and Research and Enterprise Funding provides guidance for staff involved in planning and bidding for philanthropic donations or research or enterprise funding. You must ensure that any research funding sought follows these guidelines and, where there is any doubt, you must seek advice from the Director of Development and Alumni Relations Office, the Director of Research and Enterprise Division, as appropriate.

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