3. Before Starting Research

Guidance on best practice in applying for research funding and support, ethical approval, agreements with external parties, supervision arrangements and research design.
3.1 Applying for funding and support
Requirements on researchers making applications for research funding
3.2 Ethics approval procedures
Guidance on getting ethical approval for research
3.3 Research governance approvals and sponsor requirements for health research
Guidance on clinical research, other research which requires NRES review and research which requires sponsorship by the University.
3.4 Other approvals
Information regarding non-ethics approvals required for research
3.5 Conflict of interest
Definition of conflict of interest, and policy regarding declarations
3.6 Working with individuals and organisations outside the University
Guidance on collaborative working and negotiation of agreements with external parties
3.7 Preparations for research data collection
Initial considerations for dealing with data which generated from and used in research
3.8 Arrangements for supervision of research
Responsibilities regarding the supervisor appointment and acceptance

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