2.6 External Codes

The relationship between the Code and other organisations' policies and guidelines.
  1. This Code has been drawn up to conform with the principles laid out in other relevant policies, guidelines and codes of conduct, including Universities UK’s Concordat to Support Research Integrity, Research Councils UK’s Policy and Code of Conduct on the Governance of Good Research Conduct, and the UK Research Integrity Office’s Code of Practice for Research and Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct in Research.
  2. In the event of any lack of clarity, this Code should be interpreted in such a way as to conform to the requirements of the documents mentioned in para 2.6.1. Researchers must also adhere to any regulations laid down by their professional body and any legal requirements relating to their research, such as Acts of Parliament or statutory regulations.
  3. The University is signed up to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and its seven key principles, of which number six is of particular relevance to this Code: ”Diversity and equality must be promoted in all aspects of the recruitment and career management of researchers”.

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