2.3 Observance of the Code

Researchers' obligation to observe the Code and its provisions.
  1. Staff in the job families referred to in para 1.2.2 and visiting staff must familiarise themselves with this Code and its provisions, and ensure that they and others working around them adhere to these provisions.
  2. Staff responsible for teaching or supervising students who are undertaking research must ensure that these students are familiar with the core principles of the Code. Researchers will be judged by the standards contained within this Code.
  3. In addition to the mandatory requirements indicated by the use of ‘must’ as defined in para 1.2.1, this Code contains provisions (indicated by ‘should’) which are recommended as best practice. Whilst these provisions are not mandatory, researchers will normally be expected to follow these recommendations, and researchers who choose not to do so should have good reason and be prepared to account for their actions.

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