2.2 Guiding Values and Principles

Statement of the values and principles which underlie the Code and the University's approach to integrity in research.
  1. You must maintain the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of research, guided by the values of honesty, rigour, transparency and open communication, care and respect, and academic freedom.
  2. Research activity must be based on the following guiding principles:
    1. Research within the University should pursue new knowledge and understanding.
    2. Research methods and results should be open to scrutiny and debate unless they are subject to a contract or similar which requires confidentiality.
      1. You should, in all aspects of your research:
      2. Demonstrate integrity and professionalism;
      3. Behave ethically and responsibly;
      4. Ensure the accuracy of your results;
      5. Observe fairness and equity;
      6. Avoid conflicts of interest; and
      7. Ensure the safety, welfare and dignity of those involved in or associated with your research.
  3. Research must be conducted with due regard to any legitimate internal or external constraints or procedures which may apply, including legislation, University codes and policies, and policies and guidance issued by research councils and other organisations.
  4. The University expects its members to ensure that their work enhances the reputation and standing of the University and the profession to which they belong, where relevant.

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