1.1 Preamble

A statement of the purpose of the Research Code of Conduct and the University's commitment to integrity in research.
  1. The University of Leicester’s Research Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) provides guidelines for good practice in research (as defined below), and guidance on situations involving misconduct in research.
  2. The University is committed to maintaining the highest standards of rigour and integrity in the conduct of its research. The University expects all those involved in research to observe these standards and to embed good practice in all aspects of their work, including the training of new researchers. Good research practice is about the way in which research is planned, funded and conducted, results are recorded and reported, and the fruits of research are disseminated, applied and exploited. Good research practice will allow ready verification of the quality and integrity of research data, provide a transparent basis for investigating allegations of bad practice or fraud, and lead to better research. The University, its staff, students and collaborators all share in the responsibility for promoting and verifying good practice and creating an ethos of professionalism and integrity in the University’s research culture.
  3. The Code is intended to provide a clear and public statement of the University's research policies and practices. The Code sets out the obligations on researchers, in all disciplines, to be aware of the policies governing research at the University and to comply with institutional and regulatory requirements. This document should be read in conjunction with the relevant Ordinances and Regulations, and any other policies, procedures or guidance as may be issued by the University from time to time.
  4. The University’s Research Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee is responsible for establishing and reviewing policy guidelines for the proper conduct of research, including regularly reviewing and updating this Code to ensure it takes into account current guidelines and relevant legislation. Formal approval of the Code is given by Senate.
  5. Research Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee will oversee light-touch reviews approximately annually to include minor revisions and updating of references. Where the need for more major revisions to all or part of the Code is identified, for example to reflect changes to legislation or changes to funder regulations, Research Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee will oversee these revisions and seek approval from Senate.

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