Editing and Finishing your Thesis


Session description



How do you systematically edit and proof-read a long document like your thesis? This workshop is specifically for students who are in their writing-up stage or are about to submit their thesis in the next six months. The session will provide information regarding different editing techniques and strategies and information regarding the submission and post-submission processes. It will give students the opportunity to plan out the steps needed to finish their thesis and the chance to ask any questions regarding editing and submission processes.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
• Employ editing strategies based on the ‘Five Stages of Reviewing’;
• Decide how to solicit and utilise feedback from supervisor(s);
• Understand the requirements for thesis submission;
• Plan what needs to be done to finish their thesis.


Friday 9th December 2016: 1000-1200

Friday 16th December 2016: 1400-1600 (ONLINE ONLY)

Friday 3rd March 2017: 1400-1600

Friday 19th May 2017: 1400-1600

Friday 14th July 2017: 1400-1600 (ONLINE ONLY)

Tuesday 18th July 2017: 1000-1200

How to make your reservation

Log into PROSE and search for 'Editing'

Session pre-requisites You will have completed your probation and will be in your writing up period nearing completion.
Pre-session work required

Participants should bring a section (no more than 5 pages) of their thesis for a peer-review exercise. Examples might include: introduction to a chapter/thesis, methodology section, part of the literature review.

Key readings/resources

Editing and Finishing the PhD Thesis resources list

Covered RDF domains

Domain A - Knowledge and intellectual abilities.
Subdomain A2 (Cognitive abilities).

Domain B - Personal effectiveness.
Subdomain B2 (Self-management).

Delegate places

Minimum 6 delegates
Maximum 20 delegates

Facilitator(s) and contact details

Dr Chantal Bielmann (cb450@le.ac.uk)

For Office Use Only

Course Code: SDCRSCH-PGR052

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