Structuring and Writing the Literature Review (Physical, Natural and Medical Sciences)


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All research is built upon the research of others, and this is reflected in academic writing by the ‘literature review’, a piece of writing that critically analyses and discusses the literature that is relevant to a certain research topic. The format of the review is nebulous and varied. However, there are common elements to be discovered and common pitfalls to be avoided. This workshop will lead researchers through some of the key issues relating to the literature review.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
• Consider common issues with literature reviews in your discipline
• Identify relevant structures and frameworks for your own literature review
• Plan the writing of your literature review.


Tuesday 1st November 2016: 1000-1200

Thursday 15th December 2016: 1400-1600

Thursday 16th March 2017: 1400-1600

Tuesday 6th June 2017: 1000-1200

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There are different sessions for Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. Book a place only on the session appropriate for your studies.

Session pre-requisites This workshop is recommended for research students who are still in their probationary period.
Pre-session work required

No pre-session work is required.

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Covered RDF domains

Domain A - Knowledge and intellectual abilities.
Subdomains: A1 (Knowledge base) and A2 (Cognitive abilities).

Delegate places

Minimum 6 delegates
Maximum 20 delegates

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Dr Chantal Bielmann:

For Office Use Only

Course Code: SDCRSCH-PGR016b

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