Introduction to Critical Thinking


Session description



What does it mean when your supervisor asks you to be more ‘critical’? What does ‘critical thinking’ mean in relation to your thesis? This workshop defines ‘critical thinking’ in relation to doctoral thinking and writing, and supports participants to identify critical thinking in their own academic context.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:
• Define critical thinking and understand its importance in relation to your doctoral work
• Identify different forms of reasoning and analysis in relation to critical thinking
• Engage in activities that demonstrate your ability to think critically and structure your thoughts.


Monday 7th November 2016: 1000-1200

Monday 7th November 2016: 1400-1600 (ONLINE ONLY)

Thursday 15th December 2016: 1000-1200

Monday 20th February 2017: 1400-1600 (ONLINE ONLY)

Wednesday 1st March 2017: 1000-1200

Monday 19th June 2017: 1000-1200

How to make your reservation

Log into PROSE and search for 'Critical Thinking'

Session pre-requisites This session is recommended for research students in their probationary period.
Pre-session work required

Participants should bring along a piece of writing for a peer-review exercise.

Key readings/resources

Introduction to Critical Thinking resources list

Covered RDF domains

Domain A - Knowledge and intellectual abilities.
Subdomains: A1 (Knowledge base) and A3 (Creativity).

Delegate places

Minimum 6 delegates
Maximum 20 delegates

Facilitator(s) and contact details

Dr Melanie Petch (

For Office Use Only Course Code: SDCRSCH-PGR007

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