Communication in Research and Other Work Contexts

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Course Overview

At work, be it research or other context, there are a wide range of communications. Examples include formal and informal, written and oral. For all of these perception is a central element. A communication system can transmit information up, down and sideways within an organisation; along with on a one-way or two-way basis. The session covers all of the above in the context of verbal, non-verbal and written communication.

At the end of this workshop you will have:
• considered the wide range of workplace communications;
• looked at the range of ways in which communication takes place in work environments, including research contexts;
• given consideration to their communication skill set and how they apply to research and other work contexts.

Aimed At

Early Career Researchers, Post Docs, Research Staff

* Postgraduate Researchers are eligible to attend but must book through


13 May 2020 1400-1600

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