Researcher Development

The Doctoral College offers a range of development opportunities for research and academic staff (see below). There is also separate provision for postgraduate research students which can be found here. A few of the sessions are also aimed at administrators of grants.

Please do get in touch if you would like other types of development opportunities – if you need something, it is very likely there are others in the University who need it too, and we will try and source the training internally or externally. Just email

Engagement, Influence and Impact

Research Effectiveness


Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three


Quantitative skills

Qualitative skills

Supporting Postgraduate Research

Sessions for research-only staff on grant funding (including postdocs)


Research Essentials Online

Research Essentials Online
Explore a suite of interactive resources and live discussions at Research Essentials Online.



Record Your Skills Development in PROSE

Contact the Doctoral College Team:

For all enquiries regarding quantitative methods training please contact the Doctoral College Team on