Qualitative Methods

There is a range of methods that are used in the area of qualitative research. Any researcher who employs qualitative data needs to know how to collect qualitative data and how to analyse it.

Collecting Qualitative Data

Our suite of workshops on the topic provide a comprehensive introduction to the most widely used methods for collecting qualitative data.


Designing and using questionnaires in your research

Questionnaires are a widely used data collection method but designing a good questionnaire is not always easy. The Designing and using questionnaires in your research session will take you through the stages of questionnaire design and will provide practical guidance on issues such as the development and wording of questions, piloting and analysis.

A list of useful books and websites about designing and using questionnaires.

Interviewing skills for researchers

Interviewing skills for researchers session covers the process of planning for interviews, making contacts, persuading people to take part, and issues around face-to-face interviewing.

A list of useful books and websites non-structured interviews.

Using focus groups in research

If you want to be able to recognise the benefits and limitations of using focus groups in your research; appreciate ethical considerations in running focus groups; look at some of the practical issues you need to consider, and practice techniques for facilitating focus groups effectively, the Using focus groups in research session is for you.

A list of useful books and websites on running research focus groups.

Introduction to Digital Humanities

The Introduction to Digital Humanities session provides a gentle introduction to the rapidly developing field of Digital Humanities and the research methods available to researchers in the field.

Text Encoding for Digital Humanities

The Text Encoding for Digital Humanities session will take you through the principles of text encoding — a powerful and flexible means of marking up texts to allow many sorts of research and re-use, and that forms the basis of many digital editions.

Using Social Media Data for Research

The Using Social Media Data for Research session will introduce the participants to a range of tools that can be used for extracting and analysing the wealth of data available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for research purposes.

Analysing Qualitative Data

Our two workshops will show you how the qualitative analysis software NVivo can assist you in the analysis of qualitative data such as interviews, focus groups and questionnaires.
We currently use NVivo 10 here at the University.

An Introduction to Using NVivo 10 in Qualitative Research

The Introduction to Using NVivo 10 in Qualitative Research session will show you the basic steps needed to create a qualitative research project using NVivo 10.

A Practical Guide to Analysing Data Using NVivo 10

If you already got some data and you want to learn a better ways to exploit the functionalities of the software the Practical Guide to Analysing Data Using NVivo 10 session is for you.

A list of useful websites about NVivo 10.

 Introduction to ArcGIS10.3

Looking to analyse your data spatially and create maps? Introduction to ArcGIS10.3 is a four-workshop course that provide practical tutorials to the various components of using the software effectively. This is designed specifically for researchers in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences as well as social geographers.

Research Essentials Online

Research Essentials Online
Explore a suite of interactive resources and live discussions at Research Essentials Online.

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