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Designed as methodology taster sessions, this is a series of seminars where experts (both from within the university and outside) provided an overview of a particular research method or methodology, example(s) of its application, the benefits of using that methodology and its drawbacks or limitations. The seminar series is open to all academics and postgraduate research students across the university. It is hoped that these seminars will encourage researchers to explore and engage with new methods and methodologies, and create an environment for more inter- and multi-disciplinary research. The Intrepid Researcher programme is constantly evolving and suggestions for speakers can be sent to Dr Meera Warrier

There are resources available for each of the past seminars, including video clips of the speaker, presentation slides and reading lists, along with speakers biographies. 

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The seminar series has attracted guest speakers from both the University of Leicester and institutions around the UK. You can view an alphabetical list of the series key presenters.

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Research Essentials Online
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