Supervising, Examining and Supporting Postgraduate Researchers

The Doctoral College provides a range of training sessions and opportunities for sharing good practice, in order to support and strengthen the postgraduate research agenda at the University of Leicester.

  • SupExamSuppPGRsSupervising Research Degree Candidates
  • Examining Research Degree Theses
  • Supervisor Surgery
  • Working with International Postgraduates


Supervising Research Degree Candidates

The Supervising Research Degree Candidates session will guide supervisors through how research supervision could be conducted during the various stages of the research degree programme, with case studies highlighting the potential pitfalls in the process. It will also provide an overview of the monitoring and support systems available at the University of Leicester.

Supervising Research Degree Candidates Workshop Can Be Found Here

Examining Research Degree Theses

Led by the Director of the Doctoral College, Examining Research Degree Theses session explores the main issues to be considered at the three different stages involved in examining a doctoral thesis – preparing for the viva, during the viva and after the viva. It covers what is being examined in a viva; the role of internal and external examiners; the structure and content of the viva; and relevant University of Leicester regulations.

Examining Research Degree Theses Workshop Can Be Found Here

Supervisor Surgery

The Supervisor Surgery is an informal surgery session where the Graduate Dean and relevant PGR Directors offer good practice and suggestions to doctoral supervisors facing challenges in the supervisory relationship.

Working with International Postgraduates

The Working with International Postgraduates session, aimed at supervisors of postgraduate researchers, identifies key issues relating to international (and in particular non-native speakers of English) postgraduate candidates, discussing how academic performance can be influenced by cultural and linguistic factors. The session, facilitated by the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU), proposes and discusses ideas and strategies which have found success in ELTU, whilst eliciting good practice examples from participants’ own experience.

Research Essentials Online

Research Essentials Online
Explore a suite of interactive resources and live discussions at Research Essentials Online.

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