Research Communication

We run a series of workshops on various aspects of research communication:


Fundamentals of an Effective Presentation

Do you know what the fundamentals of an effective presentation are? There are three key aspects to any presentation - designing and structuring an oral presentation, using your voice and body language effectively, and how to deal with nerves relating to public speaking.

Designing a Poster

What are the key elements of designing a poster? How do you use text, images, and colour on posters, using layout, design and navigational aids to improve clarity? This session will explore these questions to improve your poster design skills. 

Saying it with your Abstract

What is the importance of the abstract? What information should an abstract ideally contain? The Saying it with your Abstract session will show you how to use your abstract effectively.

A list of useful articles and websites on writing abstracts.

Organising Academic Conferences

Organising Academic Conferences engages participants in considering what makes for a successful conference experience, together with practical exploration of the key stages in event management.

Communicating Effectively with Non-specialist Audiences

How can we ensure we communicate effectively with non-specialist audiences? There are some simple strategies we can use to be heard and understood (for example, using anecdotes, metaphors, active verbs). There are also different ways in which we can package our key messages. But the very first step is, of course, identifying what our key messages are going to be for the audience we want to address.

Enhancing Your Digital Profile

The Enhancing Your Digital Profile session will offer an opportunity for you to analyse your online presence, to consider what a ‘good digital profile’ is and to develop a strategy for enhancing and maintaining your online identity.

Tips for Engaging the Public

The Tips for Engaging the Public session supports you to explore the social context of your research, and to consider ways of increasing the impact of your work through engagement and partnerships.

Essential Media Skills for Researchers

Effectively communicating research outputs to the public and to key stakeholders through the media is a valuable tool for achieving societal and economic impact. The Essential Media Skills for Researchers session will help researchers understand the media agenda and manage the demands of the press.

Influencing Public Policy with your Research

Demonstrating the societal impact of your research is increasingly important, and influencing public policy is a key impact indicator. The Influencing Public Policy with your Research session will examine what it takes to influence government policy, and give practical advice on engaging policymakers with your research.

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