Personal and Professional Effectiveness (part 2)

We offer a range of courses on how to build your personal and professional effectiveness:PersProfEffectiveness_2



The Assertiveness session provides an opportunity to look at how people interact in a range of interpersonal situations in research contexts and workplaces. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour in these situations and learn some assertiveness tools and techniques.

Coping with Change in the Research and the Work Environment

The Coping with Change in the Research and the Work Environment session addresses how we deal with change in our professional environment. It addresses this in the context of a number of employment sectors, the first of which is the research environment in higher education.

Leadership in Research and other Work Contexts

The Leadership in Research and other Work Contexts session explores theories of leadership, conceptions and experiences of leading and being lead, and examines leadership in practice.

Communication in Research and Other Work Environments

The Communication in Research and Other Work Environments session deals with definitions, types and major aspects of organisational culture in workplace environments.

Learning in Work Environments

The Learning in Work Environments session explores key aspects of how learning is incorporated in research and work environments. The move from a student environment to a research or work environment involves a number of changes, and progressive work environments enable learning to continue as a means of development.

Understanding Workplace Culture

The Understanding Workplace Culture session provides an opportunity for participants to explore the concepts of group and team, and the essential differences between the two. It focuses on how people work together in teams in research and other work contexts.

Managing Diversity

The contemporary research and work environment is essentially a global village, and the University of Leicester is a prime example of this. In this context it is important to be able to communicate and work effectively with people from a diverse range of, among others, ethnic, educational and social backgrounds. The Managing Diversity session explores the key aspects of working in diverse research and work environments.

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