Getting Started on your Research Degree: The College Induction Programme

The induction programme for all new postgraduate researchers (PGRs) consists of three complementary elements:

1. A Doctoral College induction, which welcomes new PGRs to Leicester and provides a brief overview of the regulatory environment, as well as the support and services on offer at Leicester to enhance the PGR experience;

2. The College induction, which provides a more detailed introduction to key skills and capabilities to enable PGRs to get going on their research degree effectively.

Please note that the college induction is currently offered to new PGRs in the colleges of Social Science, Arts and Humanities; Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology; and Science and Engineering.

3. PGRs also receive a departmental induction, introducing and embedding them in local practices, and offering statutory training (for example, in health and safety).

Other Induction Resources

Introduction to Library Services

The David Wilson Library provides a range of resources for researchers.

Using the University’s IT Services

The University of Leicester’s IT Services have a range of workshops and other forms of support for researchers.


At the start of the research degree, and throughout the doctoral journey, it is vital to keep sight of researchers’ obligations and the governance structures within which researchers at Leicester (and in the UK more broadly) operate.

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