We offer a series of workshops on various aspects of being entrepreneurial:


The Creative Researcher

The Creative Researcher session explores the nature of creativity in the context of doing research, and introduces a creative problem solving framework to find novel ways to address research challenges.

A list of useful books on being a creative researcher.

From Researcher to Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial expert Peter Drucker once said: ‘The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity’. The challenge for developing a more entrepreneurial mindset with researchers lies first in understanding the opportunities research presents for academic, commercial and public gain. The From Researcher to Entrepreneur session addresses the ways in which research can be exploited.

A list of useful books and websites on academic entrepreneurship.

Building a Business Plan

The Building a Business Plan session provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to build a business plan. A case study is used to bring the concepts to life, and participants will take an active part in evaluating the case study.

What is your Value Proposition?

The What is your Value Proposition session develops the concept of a 'value proposition', and asks participants to develop and articulate the ways in which they add value as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

The Elevator Pitch: Distilling your Key Messages

You have an idea that you know has the potential to generate impact/revenue.  How do you craft and deliver your message in a clear and compelling way? The Elevator Pitch: Distilling your Key Messages session helps you develop your communication skills to distil your key messages and get them across succinctly and effectively.

Understanding Your Market

You have a business idea, whether it is from your research or something else. You can see what a wonderful idea it is, how it will benefit people, and why people should pay you for it. However, a key element of developing a business idea is knowing who will pay you for your product or service.

The Understanding Your Market session addresses the issues involved in identifying the market for a business idea.

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