Impact, Enterprise and Research Communication

These three terms have become buzzwords in the changing research landscape where the researcher must deliver impact, engage with enterprise, and communicate their research to broader audiences outside academia.

Research Impact

We run a series of workshops on various aspects of research impact:

Designing Pathways to Impact

The Designing Pathways to Impact session provides guidance on who potential beneficiaries in projects might be, the kinds of impact activities that could be integrated into the research plan, and templates to think of how the impact plan may be designed.

Influencing Public Policy with your Research

Demonstrating the societal impact of your research is increasingly important and influencing public policy is a key impact indicator. The Influencing Public Policy with your Research session examines what it takes to influence government policy and give practical advice on engaging policymakers with your research.

The Basics of Impact Evaluation

The Basics of Impact Evaluation session provides an overview of impact evaluation techniques and a plan for how to measure impact in your own project.

An Introduction to Researchfish

Researchfish, a research outcomes collection and evaluation system, is used to collect information on the inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes that have resulted from research. An Introduction to Researchfish is a short, practical session aimed at helping you navigate through Researchfish and input the necessary information.

An Introduction to IRIS

This introduction to the University's Integrated Research Information System (IRIS) includes a demonstration of the key modules of the system, an overview of how the data is used and how you can use the data to populate your web-pages.

Essential Media Skills for Researchers

Effectively communicating research outputs to the public and to key stakeholders through the media is a valuable tool for achieving societal and economic impact. The Essential Media Skills for Researchers session helps researchers understand the media agenda and manage the demands of the press.

Enhancing Your Digital Profile

The social web – a collective term for social media such as Flickr, Wikipedia, Twitter, discussion fora, Facebook and others – throws up new opportunities, but also new challenges for researchers. The Enhancing Your Digital Profile session will offer an opportunity for you to analyse your online presence, to consider what a ‘good digital profile’ is and to develop a strategy for enhancing and maintaining your online identity. The benefits of a digital profile for research and publication will be outlined. 

Research Enterprise

Finding Funding

The Finding Funding session advises on the methods available to University of Leicester staff interested in accessing research funding opportunities. It will look at the uses of Research Professional and UKRO sources and will also give some pointers on other sources of related information. This session points to research funding from research councils and other relevant bodies.

The Creative Researcher

The Creative Researcher session explores the nature of creativity in the context of doing research and introduces a creative problem solving framework to find novel ways to address research challenges.

A list of useful books on being a creative researcher.

From Researcher to Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial expert Peter Drucker once said: ‘The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity’. The challenge for developing a more entrepreneurial mindset with researchers lies first in understanding the opportunities research presents for academic, commercial and public gain. The From Researcher to Entrepreneur session addresses the ways in which research can be exploited.

A list of useful books and websites on academic entrepreneurship.

Research Communication

We run a series of workshops on various aspects of research communication:

Effective Research Communication Strategies

The Effective Research Communication Strategies session considers the pitfalls commonly encountered in effectively communicating research. It explores some of the simple precepts we need to make our writing appeal to readers and to consider what the audience needs to know.

Tips for Engaging the Public

The Tips for Engaging the Public session supports researchers to explore the social context of their research and to consider ways of increasing the impact of their work through engagement and partnerships.

Organising Academic Conferences

Organising Academic Conferences session engages participants in considering what makes for a successful conference experience, together with practical exploration of the key stages in event management.

Creating Online Exhibitions with

The Creating Online Exhibitions with session identifies some of the legal issues associated with the publication of online exhibitions and provides a hands-on introduction to creating digital exhibitions using

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