Youth Enterprise Schemes (YES) competitions

YEScompOn completion of the Professional Development Academy, postgraduates have an opportunity to work in teams to represent their University in Youth Enterprise Schemes, such as Biotechnology YES and Engineering YES. These competitions are a wonderful opportunity to develop and enhance a range of employability skills, including: communication, teamwork, customer focus, problem solving and developing effective professional relationships.

Engineering YES Competition

Engineering YES is a training competition, for PhD researchers, in which participants pitch a fictional business plan to potential investors. Participants work in teams over a period of three days to develop their business concept, with advice and support being provided by industry and business experts.
The Engineering YES University of Leicester 2014 team developed a business idea around a paint designed to reduce a building’s vulnerability to earthquake damage. The University of Leicester 2014 team became finalists and received the prize for "best teamwork". 

Biotechnology YES Competition

In the following short presentation, Mark Bird, a University of Leicester PhD researcher, talks about his experience of taking part in Biotechnology YES 2013. His presentation provides a very helpful insight into the competition itself, along with the learning and development benefits that participants can gain from such an experience.

Mark Bird, University of Leicester

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