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What does it involve?

The University of Leicester PhD Internship Scheme involves a PhD working with an employer for a minimum of 20 days, to gain experience of a professional work environment whilst providing real value to the employer organisations in the forms of knowledge, skills or other attributes.  The duration if the internship is negotiable between the intern, employer and University, as is the work pattern.  The work pattern will be arranged to meet the needs of both employer and intern.

All PhD interns are paid at least the appropriate minimum wage.  This means that both the PhD interns and the employer can expect a meaningful return on their respective investments in the PhD internship process.


How is it managed?

The PhD internship is managed through a three-way contract between the employer, the intern and the University.   All three parties sign up to this contract in advance of the internship beginning.  The contract informs each party of their rights and obligations, provides details of the nature and terms of work to be done along with remuneration, and details key obligations including insurance, health and safety criteria etc…

The University supervisor liaises with the intern and the employer throughout the internship process, enablimg a smooth running of the internship to meet the needs of all parties.  Liaison meetings are held between: 1. the internship supervisor and employer; and 2. the internship supervisor and the PhD --  before, during, and after the internship.

For the student, our PhD internship programme affords an opportunity to gain experience in a work sector they are interested in moving to after graduation.  Thus it is a foot-in-the door to professional employment.  Research evidence indicates that more and more employers now view internships as an excellent way of developing working relationships with prospective employees and experience to date shows that the majority of our PhD interns and employers go on to maintain a professional relationship after the employment process is complete.

To apply for an internship, a PhD can check our internship page for current opportunities or respond to one of the notifications that are circulated when a PhD internship becomes available. 

Application is made by CV and covering letter.  Applications are sifted and all shortlisted candidates are called to interview.  Unsuccessful applicants receive feedback on how to improve their application for future opportunities.

Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the employer and University supervisor.  Both successful and unsuccessful candidates receive feedback on both their application and interview performance.

For the employer, our PhD internship programme is designed to bring the interns knowledge, skills and expertise to employers whilst gaining professional experience.  Please see more in our Employer Information section.

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