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If you are an employer who may be interested in hiring a PhD intern, then you please do read on...

What we offer Employers
PhD interns with cutting edge expertise in their field.
The length of the internship tailored to meet the needs of the employer.
A three way contract to meet the needs of employer-intern-university.
A pool of potential PhD interns from over 30 different discipline areas.
If you have an opportunity for a PhD intern to work in your business, then the PhD Internship scheme could be for you.

PhD students are recruited from the best quality graduates and spend three or more years researching into a specific area, analysing their findings and coming up with solutions.  They are self motivated and disciplined professionals who are accustomed to working alone to come up with solutions to problems.  Because of this quality, they require little supervision, meaning your time will not be taken up with coaching/supervising the intern throughout the project.  Although some PhD students subsequently carry on into an academic career, over 70% of doctoral graduates leave university to enter business or public service.  In recognition of this, all research students receive extensive key-skills training in areas such as communication, project-management, information technology, etc.  The PhD Internship scheme is intended to give research students from the University of Leicester Universities an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the workplace, using their skills to address critical issues of commercial or social importance.

If you are an Employer interested in our PhD internship scheme, please email Martin Coffey on MGC5@le.ac.uk

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