Career Presentations

In this page you can find employer presentations from a range of postgraduate events, from across the spectrum of career sectors. Each presentation includes a short history of the speaker's career path, augmented by their insights on opportunities within the sector that they work in. Speaker's also include advice on getting into the sector, the skills required, how to develop these skills and how to navigate the recruitment and selection processes specific to this sector.

Careers in Finance - Evening Careers Event - 25th November 2015

This event highlights career opportunities in the Finance sector. It includes speakers with experience and expertise in risk analysis, banking and recruiting for the financial sector. Read more about the event.

Working as a journalist - Evening Careers Event

Are you interested in developing a career in journalism? This Evening Careers Event had speakers drawn from on-line, broadcast and print media. You can review videos of the talks from the event here.

College of Medical and Biological Sciences and Psychology (CMBSP) Postgraduate Career Symposium

The 9th annual postgraduate career symposium took place on 9th January 2014. The event featured speakers from a range of employers including Nature, Grunenthal and Oxford University Press. Here, you can review videos of the symposium presentations.

A Career in Teaching - Evening Careers Event

This event covered a wide range of teaching opportunities including schools, further education, higher education and teaching overseas. Here, you can review videos of the event's presentations.

Upcoming Career Events

Civil and Public Service

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