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Careers Symposium - Wednesday 09 January 2019

How to get a Job
(Karen Sylvester, Career Development Service)
A workshop which aims to give delegates an insight into how employers typically make recruitment selection decisions, in order to support delegates to improve their own job applications. The session consists of a short presentation and then practical workshop where delegates take on the role of candidate and then employer!"

Building a Successful CV

(Martin Coffey, Doctoral College Team)
Writing a CV is an easy task.  Learning the optimum CV format takes a little longer.  Developing the knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable you to build the academic CV that will take your career takes a lot longer.  This workshop focuses on the three steps of: 1. Explore your options; 2. Plan where you want to get to; 3. Build the CV that will get you where you want to be.  The session consists of a short presentation on career planning followed by a practical workshop on building the range of career skills you need in order to achieve your dream.

Winning Grants and Fellowships
Description to follow soon.

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