Presentation Abstracts

Title – Dr Jaelle Foot, Research Scientist, Adaptimmune.

Science to Consulting: a perfect match? – Dr Janica Auluck, Senior Healthcare Strategy Consultant,

Ever wondered if healthcare consulting is for you? I had never considered it myself until I attended a career symposium back in 2012. There are a lot of similarities in the core skills that are required in both Science and Consultancy, more than is obvious at first glance. Healthcare strategy consultancy can be divided into many specialist fields but the overall goal remains the same. To help the healthcare system provide the best possible care for patients. This talk aims to discuss the similarities between science and consultancy, discuss what would be expected from a ‘scientific consultant’, what would define a typical consultants day and the practical next steps to explore consultancy as a career path.

Title – Dr Abisola Sanusi, Buyer, Allied Bakeries.

Title – Dr Adelina Sharman, Medical Science Liaison,

Title – Dr Marie Nugent, Public Engagement, University of Leicester..

Title – Dr Depesh Pankhania, Project Manager, PepsiCo.

Title – Jo Kandola, Equalities,

Title -  Dr Leonie Welberg, Editor, Nature.

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